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REVIEW: Beamer, The Best Website News Feed

Summary: Beamer is a news feed tool for all websites. It creates a news feed that informs every site visitor of news and alerts. It is similar to push notifications, except that the central point of access is the website they visit. This tool improves engagements and conversions for any website.


Joomla SEO "How To" Tips Without Additional Extensions

Summary: Joomla SEO tips. SEO for Joomla is not the same as Wordpress, Drupal etc. We demonstrate how to optimise Joomla website settings, meta & do 301 redirects without the need for additional extensions. As you will see, Joomla's native CMS features make SEO easy, compared to other CMS like Wordpress



Joomla SEO

Which is Cheaper to Run? Joomla or WordPress?

Summary: There are many blog posts seeking to answer which is better, Joomla or WordPress. But there is little analysis on which is cheaper to run, assuming you opt for paid software. We seek to answer this question in this blog post and demonstrate why Joomla is cheaper



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