How to get Joomla Social Media Sharing

Summary: This is a short blog post on why social media sharing is important and showcases a Joomla social media solution. It is more than a mere Joomla social media module, it is a comprehensive solution for your social media needs. We hope this information is useful to your business

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JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site

*For more information on Joomla social media solutions on a wider variety of topics click here.

Websites in a social media age

We are in the Internet age of social media, which is growing in importance each day.  In this modern Internet environment, we need to be able to connect our websites to social media in an integrated manner. Social media traffic is important for any business or organisation, so it is perilous to ignore it.


The Solution

Joomla is very lucky to have excellent social sharing options. We will highlight to you what we think the best one is. We recommend JFBConnect by SourceCoast. By using JFBConnect, you will have many ways to implement Joomla social buttons in a wide variety of social media networks. It is more than a Joomla social media module, JFBConnect covers all types of Joomla extensions, being a component, module and plugin Joomla social media solution. There are multiple ways you can implement social sharing in JFBConnect.

They are:

  • Content Plugin
  • Social Network Modules
  • Easy Tags

The easiest method is to use the Content Plugin of JFBConnect and automatically insert your sharing buttons all across your website. The output is like so:

social media content plugin

The next method is the Social Network Modules, such as SCSocialWidget module, which is like any module in Joomla which can reproduce the output similar to the above, or injected into a Joomla article, now that Joomla 3.6.2. and above supports inserting modules into articles. The most powerful method is our favourite, that is the JFBCSocialShare module. This module allows for complex placements like floats and is not reliant on inserting modules into every article. In some ways, it is like the Content Plugin, but with more flexibility in terms of button placement. The output can be like the below:

 social sharing button float


A very aesthetically pleasing design and great placement.

The next, and last method are Easy Tags. By inputting a tag code, your button will appear wherever it is placed. An Easy Tag looks like the below:

social media easy tag input

And the output like so:

social media easy tag output

We do not like this very much, but it is available.


Demo video

We are including a demo video in this blog post so you can better decide whether JFBConnect is for you:



JFBConnect makes excellent Joomla social buttons for your Joomla website and it is a great Joomla extension. If you would like to purchase JFBConnect, please click the banner below:

JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site

*For more information on Joomla social media solutions on a wider variety of topics click here.