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Published: 29 August 2015

Google Adwords in the Social Media Age. Why it isn't dead

Summary: Why Google Adwords is not dead, but alive and kicking. Adwords can still form the backbone of your digital marketing in your digital marketing arsenal. As you should have multiple channels to promote your website, consider opening a Google Adwords account and reap the benefits of a well rounded strategy

We live in social media saturation

Today there are many social media platforms used by millions. Every day, most people in modern society look to their phones and computers for news and entertainment at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Corporate people hunt for recruits or do Business-to-Business (B2B) on LinkedIn. Is the age of traditional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising gone, or perhaps gone to social media? Especially Google, with a less important social media platform, Google+?

Browser time is at an all time low at 10% as opposed to 90% app time, but is traditional PPC at its end?

Time has not yet ended for Google Adwords

We live in the dawn of social media automation, content marketing has never been easier. With sites that rate your social media performance, to automated posting, surely Google Adwords is less important? My answer is no! Google Adwords remains relevant and is still a robust online advertising platform. Why?

Scalability, up and down

Despite there being a myriad of new and innovative social media marketing tools, few has both the up and down scalability of Google Adwords. You could spend a lot of money on Google Adwords, or you may not, its up to you - and still produces results. Demographic and keyword specifications will make your return at low cost. Moreover, Google Adwords becomes cheaper as time passes, not the other way round. With Google Adwords, it is pay as you like, unlike some expensive social media solutions, which could cost you hundreds of US$ a month!

Please keep in mind, that Google remains a very international company, even if it has only a few percent share of search, it is still huge exposure for eCommerce or multi-city/multinational business.  I have spent paltry sums of money on Google Adwords and received hundreds of hits over a month, so Google Adwords remains a relatively inexpensive marketing tool.

Bringing traffic to the source

For all business, your social media should service your website that displays your products and services - not the other way around. Google Adwords remains a basic and fundamental way to engage people to your website and bring traffic. Those people liking your Facebook page, but not visiting your website, understand less about your business and may not be as likely to convert!

Still part of  a well rounded digital marketing strategy

Google Adwords is still an industry standard service. It is low cost and has a measurable return-on-investment (ROI) through Google Analytics. Few digital marketing platforms have Google's still powerful network for international reach. Despite there being old foes like Yahoo!, and new foes like Bing and Facebook, Google's first mover advantage remains; and thus contributing to Adwords' sustained life span. Never underestimate a good Adwords campaign!

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