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Graeme Holm's Solution to Getting Out of Debt 

Graeme Holm, who is one of MPA Top 100 Brokers, together with Infinity Group Australia, offer important tips, support, and guidance to families in Australia regarding their finances. They carry out expert coaching which enhances the financial goals of Australian families. One of the practices that the firm speaks against is debt consolidation which is a temptation for many families in Australia. Infinity Group and Holm have given various alternatives to debt consolidation in addition to discouraging it.

Debt Free

Background of Graeme Holm

Holm is not only an MPA Top 100 Broker, but he is also the Infinity Group Australia's director. The company is located in Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cronulla, and Bella Vista. Holm has spent his first ten years working in the Big Four banks. After seeing how families got poor financial deals from these banks, he got frustrated, and that is how the firm was born. In 2003, together with his wife who is also his business partner, Rebecca Walker, he started the company.


Background of the Infinity Group Australia

Holm found the niche on lack of guidance, services, advice, and continuous support for Australian families after researching for six months on challenges facing the mortgage market in Australia. The firm offered a personal banker to assist the clients clear off their loans as fast as possible. To ensure their success, clients receive help in the development and maintenance of budgets, detailed reviews, and performance reports on a monthly basis.
This approach has been thriving since all the clients clear more of their mortgage loan in the first quarter with the firm than they did in a year with the old structure offered by the banks. The guidance of the firm has enabled customers to clear an average debt of $41,000 within a year. The firm provides services such as retirement solutions, the creation of wealth, and reduction of debt.


Debt Consolidation

This is a combination of numerous debts with high-interest rates like credit card expenses into one bill which someone pays monthly. The arrangement promises borrowers a low rate of interest and a consequent low debt payment per month. The low-interest rate is often false. This arrangement is lucrative for families since it promises faster and cheaper debt payment.

Reasons why Debt Consolidation is not a Good Idea
The interest rate set is dependent on previous records of payment and your credit score. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the interest rate will be low. Even when you qualify for a flat rate of interest, there is no guarantee that it will remain so. For instance, credit card balance transfers provide a low-interest rate for a specific promotion period. The rate then goes back up.
Another reason is that you will spend an extended period servicing debt. The reason for a low-interest rate is that you will take a longer period to pay debt off. Hence, you will be paying more interest in the long run. Finally, debt consolidation fails to address the reason that you got into debt. It is just a temporary solution.


Infinity Group’s Solution

Since debt consolidation is not the solution, Holm and his company create a plan to help you build wealth and stay out of debt in the long-run. The company goes into detail regarding ongoing family needs and household expenditure. The firm together with the client develops a cash budget for expenses like entertainment, travel, groceries, and fuel on a weekly basis. Monthly performance reviews help clients determine if they are reaching their goals and offer recommendations when they fail.


Infinity Group Australia reviews

Holm states that numerous borrowers like the supportive approach taken by the firm. Clients face less stress as they can work knowing their bills have been taken care of. Infinity Group Australia reviews can confirm that the firm assists in making the financial concerns of its clients easier. The clients state that Holm and his staff are friendly. They offer a comfortable process and make clients feel genuinely cared for.


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