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Published: 9 June 2018

REVIEW: JoastSEO Review, Best Joomla SEO Extension for Blogging

Summary: This JoastSEO review explores the best SEO keyword assistant for Joomla. It is available in multiple languages. It optimises selected keywords as you write your blog post and also has tips to improve readability. It is a very handy tool for Joomla SEO optimization.

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What is JoastSEO? Why do you need it?

JoastSEO is a Joomla SEO extension that assists you in implementing desired keywords into your blog posts.

These Joomla SEO tips provided by this Joomla extension ensures that your selected keywords are maximally optimised. In addition to keyword assistance, JoastSEO can monitor and give suggestions to improve readability, which is a feature that is hard to find in Joomla SEO tools ad make this tool unique.

How does JoastSEO work?

JoastSEO works by defining target keywords and monitoring them, giving suggestions to implement effective SEO for the blog post in question.

Joast SEO

As you can see from the above, we defined "beamer" as the target key word in JoastSEO. By reading the blog post, JoastSEO comes up with a series of warnings and suggestions for the author to improve SEO.

Joast SEO

We can see that various meta data can be entered. As you fill in information, the suggestions and indicators transform as you go along, to guide you.

In general, red items mean items that need urgent attention, yellow items means that the item is not optimal but not unacceptable and green means optimal implementation.

Joast SEO

This extension can read the blog post for readability and give ongoing suggestions to make your blog post easy to read. The items change as you go along, just like the keyword optimisation.

Joast SEO

Just as with the keyword optimisation, as you improve or change your blog post, readability items change.

You are able to view quick statistics of SEO optimization and readability by looking at the Article Manager of Joomla, see below:

Joast SEO


JoastSEO is a simple and inexpensive Joomla SEO extension. If you visit their website, pricing for this tool is very affordable. Optimising keywords and improving readability as the writing process goes on, makes this one of the more unique and useful Joomla SEO tools. Every Joomla blogger serious about SEO in a blogging context, must buy this. It is a time saver and less cumbersome than analysing blog posts after writing it. Writing this JoastSEO review has been a great pleasure as it is a simple but powerful product.


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Guides your writing process from start to finish
  • Various languages available including English and Spanish
  • Intuitive layout
  • Does not have other SEO functionality other than guiding the writing process
Ease of Use
Features Available
Value for Money

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