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Published: 26 February 2018

Causes of Low Joomla SEO Performance and How to Fix it

Summary: Joomla website performance is important for SEO. We address Joomla SEO issues from a performance perspective and recommend measures to fix it and improve SEO for Joomla websites. Some of this advice applies generally to all websites. A fast website ranks higher in Google

Joomla SEO performance

The Relationship Between Website Performance and SEO

Website performance is an important component to good SEO. This is because Google will make faster pages rank higher, all things being equal. Moreover, a good user experience with less exits before the page is loaded will improve SEO naturally. This article will address common causes of slow Joomla website performance and how to improve it for Joomla SEO purposes.

Large and numerous images

Large and numerous images are the most common - and easiest to fix, of all website performance, Joomla or not. The solution is to resize as small as possible, compress and make progressive (if JPEG) or interlaced (if PNG). Formatting your images in this way will balance your performance and aesthetics optimally.

Complex or dense CSS and .js Files

If your Joomla website is running voluminous and complex CSS or JavaScript files, I have got news for you. This is a major stumbling block of good Joomla website performance. Loading all those CSS and Javascript files will slow down your page render significantly. You may have a very beautiful and function-abound website, but your performance will not be good and you will have a pretty looking dud. Simplify your CSS and JavaScript files as much as possible to ensure quick loading and efficiency.

This article is on website performance. WordPress can experience similar issues, and may have similar solutions. Additionally, on an unrelated topic go here: if you have trouble establishing a database connection for your WordPress website.

SSL Certificates

If you have an SSL certificate on your website, it will improve its security. However, SSL certificates generally slow down communication between your website and server, leading to longer page load times.

Other factors

Now, there are other factors for low Joomla SEO performance. However, this blog post only deals with performance issues and not SEO as a whole. If you need help to ramp up the performance of your Joomla website, please contact us with the Contact Us tab  on the right, or email Clarence Ling at

For more information on Joomla SEO measures without the need for additional Joomla extensions.

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