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Key Feature 2 - Social Posting

Another key feature is Social Posting. JFBConnect does that through "Channels". By creating a channel, you are able to post from your website or even have your social media feed display on your website. When you display a feed from your social media on your website, this is called a "Social Stream". A Social Stream can look like the below (see red box), though customisation is available:

Social Media Stream


Just to show you the depth of the customisation, I will show you another Social Stream from the makers of JFBConnect, SourceCoast:

Social Media Stream 2

As you can see here, both Twitter and Facebook feeds are on this social stream and there is a slider to scroll up and down the social media posts. It is a useful feature to have on your website and can help draw the attention of site visitors to your social media pages.

Another Social Posting feature JFBConnect has is to manually post to a channel. Effectively, you can post to your social media feeds from the website. When a user is logged in, if the "Post on Social Network" permission is enabled, there will be a social toolbar on the bottom left like so:

social media toolbar


By creating a post you create a window almost like social media management software like Buffer, to your connected social media channels, which will be connected to a social media page:

Social Media Channel Post

For any connected page, you will be able to post on them through create post on the post you want to share. Very useful when managing multiple social media accounts. Incidentally, you are also able to automate the posting. 

There are multiple checks, as described below, to ensure that your content is only auto-posted one time and only when it should be posted:

  1. When an item is newly created in the published state.
  2. When an item is edited in the front-end or backend and then saved.
  3. When the state changes to published.
  4. When the publishing date is in the future, JFBConnect stores the pending post and waits for the content to be available in the published state. 
  5. If an item has a pending auto-post waiting and the publishing date is now in range, JFBConnect will push the post when a) the item is visiting on the front-end or b) the item is saved/republished again in the backend.
  6. If an item has a pending auto-post waiting, but the item is then unpublished or deleted (depending on the associated extension), the pending post will be deleted.
  7. If an item already has been auto-posted, JFBConnect will no longer auto-post for this item. This means if a new Channel type is created, all old content will not be blasted out to the channel.
  8. If an autopost has failed, republishing the item will attempt to post again.
  9. JFBConnect will allow unlimited manual posting of an item.

Effectively, JFBConnect can function like a mini Buffer or HootSuite, manually posting on your behalf, or automatically posting and managing your social media workflow, with some preset rules.

JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site

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