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Key Feature 3 - Open Graph

Open Graph is Facebook's way to use stories to share the things that they are doing, the people they are doing them with, and the places that they happen. Below are examples of Open Graph usage:

Open Graph

Open Graph Action

Open Graph stories have four basic elements:

  • Actor - The person who posts the story
  • App - Every story includes attribution to the app that created it
  • Action - The activity the actor performs
  • Object - The thing the actor interacts with 

 JFBConnect can help you make Open Graph posts, improving and expanding the interactivity of your Joomla website with  social media.


Key Feature 4 - Social Sharing

This is perhaps the most important feature of JFBConnect. By allowing social sharing with your Joomla website you allow people to like and share your posts, giving it more exposure and relevance to social media. Clearly this is the best Joomla social media extension and you are about to see the plethora of ways social sharing can be implemented to your website. There are three major types of ways to set up your social media buttons.

They are:

  • Content Plugin
  • Social Network Modules
  • Easy Tags

Content Plugin

JFBConnect has a Joomla social media plugin built into it. What it does is that it populates social sharing buttons in every page it is assigned to at the location and style you set. In this case below, it appears right below the Blog Title see the red box:


social media content plugin


Social Network Modules

There are two different types of Social Network Module available to use to inject social sharing buttons.

They are:

  • SCSocialWidget Module
  • JFBCSocialShare Module

SCSocialWidget Module

This is the second modular way you would input social media buttons on your website, the output is similar to the Content Plugin, so I will not display the output here. However, this is a module. You can assign modules to specific locations on a page through Joomla template positions and it will display the same way across similar pages, but in later versions of Joomla, it can also be injected directly to an article. 


JFBCSocialShare Module 

Now, this is the most powerful option in my opinion. This method of social sharing can produce floating social share buttons. All the other methods, including the ones later in this article are in fixed positions only and cannot move. Here's how it can look like below:

social sharing button float

I am not going to use a red box this time because it may interfere with the outlook of the page. I have here a SourceCoast webpage that clearly has floating social media buttons on the bottom right of the webpage. It is floating with an opaque background, but can be styled in many different ways.


Easy Tags

Easy Tags are tag codes you insert in the tags section of an article in your Joomla website. By placing the Easy Tag on the tag section, you generate a social sharing button there, where the tags would normally be. Here are the parameters I have inputted below, see red box:

social media easy tag input

Here is the output:

social media easy tag output

As you can see, the share buttons display as above in the tags section. So JFBConnect gives you many options to do the same thing. It is also possible to place the tag nearly anywhere, such as the body of an article. It is really flexible software.

JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site

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