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Published: 20 October 2018

Lead Generation & Pop Up for Best Joomla Conversions, EngageBox: REVIEW

Summary: EngageBox is a pop up lead generation Joomla extension guaranteed to increase your traffic conversion and increase engagement. It converts your visitors into subscribers and customers.

Engage Box Lead Generation

What is EngageBox and why do you need it?

EngageBox is a lead generation pop up Joomla extension by Tassos Marinos. It can strategically place opt in pop ups to try and convert a particular goal from a visitor. For example, EngageBox can collect email subscriptions or direct visitors to a sales or landing page of your choice. Anyone seeking to get the most of their Joomla website visitors should consider this extension. There are many configurations, including an Exit Intent Box, which attempts to convert a visitor before they leave your website. Powerful stuff.

There are many configurations and options for EngageBox. We will not cover all of them because the customisation potential of this extension is great. Instead, I will cover, three popular and powerful options. They are:

  • A Sales Banner Pop Up
  • A Yes/No Pop Up
  • A Smart Sticky Bar

EngageBox is a pop up builder for #joomla that helps lead generation for any Joomla website. It converts visitors to leads and subscribers, including #email

Sales Banner Pop Up

A very good way to generate leads is by a Sales Banner Pop Up. With this, you can visually coax your visitors with an offer or discount, you can easily lead them to an online shop or sales page. Here is an example of how it can look:

Clarence Ling Sales Banner

Yes/No Pop Up

A Yes/No Pop Up is a very useful way to get a conversion. In this case, I have used an Exit Intent Trigger to show the pop up. This means that this pop up will display whenever I try to exit, for instance, close the tab or window. Here is how one of my Yes/No Pop Ups look like:

Exit intent yes / no

Smart Sticky Bar

The last pop up example I will show you is the Smart Sticky Bar. Now, you having visited my website, may or may not have seen this bar. Whilst EngageBox is entirely capable of displaying the sticky bar on page load or page ready and "stick", I have used it in a different manner. I have used an "On Scroll" trigger point of 40% of the page height and a 3 second delay. EngageBox gives you a lot of power and control to convert your leads in the best way. My bar looks like this:

Smart Bar

Although technically you can create a GDPR Cookie Bar with EngageBox, it is not advisable as EngageBox has no way of preventing cookies. Hence, it is not advisable to use EngageBox to comply with GDPR at this moment.

EngageBox Backend

The backend of EngageBox is very detailed, and you can customise your lead generation pop up in many different ways.


Here you can decide what content you want for your ad. There are a few options like image, free text and so on. Depending on which you opt for, the type of content can be changed:

Joomla content


The Trigger section decides when the pop up comes in. There are more than enough options to satisfy even the most precise requirements:

Joomla trigger


Plenty of colour and appearance customisations are available:

Joomla appearance

Publishing Assignments

The Publishing Assignments section is also very detailed, look here:

Joomla Publishing Assingments

One thing I like about this part of EngageBox is that it gives the user great control over where the pop ups come in. Here, I have excluded mobile devices:

Visitor Platform exclusions

I greatly appreciate the power and flexibility of EngageBox as a lead generation tool.


There is an advanced configuration section in EngageBox. Here you can insert custom CSS and many configurations that need custom code, making this a powerhouse tool for Joomla web developers:

Joomla advanced


This is a very powerful and flexible lead generation tool. I have not seen a more powerful pop up builder for Joomla than EngageBox. Tassos Marinos, the web developer behind EngageBox, shows a very fine attention to detail and this extension has a lot of appeal for serious developers. You can purchase EngageBox on his website, again:


  • Powerful and flexible
  • Extremely customisable
  • Affordable (Developer Plan goes for 59€)
  • Easy to use


  • None
Ease of Use
Features Available
Value for Money

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