NEWS: CLASS  Online Shop launches with Boarder/Lodger Agreement

Summary: Clarence Ling of CLASS has a history in legal and real estate fields. We present to you a high quality boarder/lodger agreement that is designed to protect the interests of the landlord whilst bringing transparency to both parties. It is affordable and you will have access to the Word document for simple editing purposes.

CLASS now has an Online Shop

Credits for CLASS services can now be bought online using PayPal. No other method of payment is available yet, but will be in near future.

First Online Product: Boarder/Lodger Agreement

A high quality border lodger agreement is our first ready eProduct. It is well written and covers the interests of the owner or head tenant comprehensively. Why risk having no agreement; and thus less rights to enforce, when you can protect yourself with this professionally written Agreement?

All personalisations or major modifications on the document can be done free of charge after purchase. 

If you are an owner or head tenant, get this document today!

 Buy below:

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