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Published: 15 September 2015

REVIEW: MailTrack, How to get cheap but effective email tracking

Summary: This is a review of MailTrack, an email tracking software for major email clients such as Gmail. There are a few key features to differentiate MailTrack from other software, including a "double tick" system similar to WhatsApp. There is a freemium version that suits most uses and paid tiers

Mailtrack logo

So, I have shown you Sidekick

And you would want to know how this differs. I will show you shortly.

The basic concept

The basic concept of MailTrack is to use a "double tick" system, similar to Whatsapp. One tick means sent, two ticks means received. This sets it apart from Sidekick already. Sidekick only monitors read email traffic.

Mailtrack basic concept

Another feature touted is the ability to read who read what and when if they have MailTrack installed. This makes MailTrack a great team collaborator, though it is not a full fledged CRM.

MailTrack also lets you have email notifications. This takes email tracking to another stage. Although I still like Sidekick's slick and minimalistic Chrome browser icon leading to their dashboard, this may be your cup of tea for some. However, I actually personally find the email notifications annoying and unnecessary. Glad you can switch it off.

So there are two ways you can view the read receipts. One is by pointing to the sent email, like so:

Mailtrack receipts

The other is to look at your dashboard/console:

Mailtrack dashboard

Click an email and see more details:

Mailtrack dashboard more details

I reluctantly admit that MailTrack might have slightly better features than Sidekick, although I love the motif and layout of the whole Sidekick system, Sidekick has grown on me. However, please note Sidekick integrates into a whole CRM, Hubspot and Salesforce and I have not yet explored such integrations, where Sidekick may be superior.

However, the below just might set things apart, and why I almost reluctantly choose MailTrack are the plans. At a free tier, this is what I get with MailTrack:

Mailtrack pricing

Broken down into Email Tracking:

Mailtrack broken down email tracking

Email Notification:

Mailtrack email notification

Email Notification:

Mailtrack desktop notification

Who has been reading your emails:

Mailtrack who has been reading your emails

Who has been reading your eA mobile app (soon) Note: Sidekick's mobile app only displays read receipts. You cannot send tracked emails by mobile yet. MailTrack's promise for Mobile:

Mailtrack mobile app

With the a limitation on read history retention:

Mailtrack read history retention

MailTrack only costs a a maximum of US$5.00 a month on a 6 month plan. This is cheaper than Sidekick's $10.00 a month (in red oval):

Mailtrack pricing

And here is the highest price you will pay for MailTrack, US$5.00 (6 month option):

Mailtrack pricing 2

Now, if you have a limited budget like me and cannot run so many pieces of software, as useful as they are, here is why you should go for MailTrack rather than Sidekick. If you cannot afford that US$10.00 a month for Sidekick, nor do you want to pay for MailTrack, keep MailTrack with its limitations. It is undeniably cheaper to run when Sidekick limits usage by notification, see below in red oval:

Mailtrack out of notifications

Overall That is a limitation of 200 notifications. That is nothing in the long run.

So basically your options are this if you want to get free stuff:

  • If you go to free Sidekick, you might still be able to reach out to a lead whom you thought was cold but suddenly starts looking at your email months ago seriously. That is if your limit does not get to you.
  • If you get MailTrack... you are not going to see it if its beyond two months. Pick your poison.

But what is this in red, below? CRM integration in the paid version?! Do I get more options than Hubspot and Salesforce? I sure hope I do!

Mailtrack crm integration

In sum, my review is as follows:


  • Much cheaper than Sidekick (Sidekick is already cheap)
  • Potentially more features to Sidekick in the paid version (multiple recipients can be detected in MailTrack paid, CRM integration, but to give credit to Sidekick, I do not know about their business version)
  • Just as effective as Sidekick if not more so with the upcoming mobile app for MailTrack
  • Free version gives Sidekick a run for its money (even though we are talking about free products here)
  • CRM integration


  • I just did not find the layout as pleasing as Sidekick, however its a minor gripe

Overall Rating: 5.0/5.0

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