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Published: 29 September 2018

Twitter App for Joomla, Simplify Tweeting with TweetMe: REVIEW

Summary: TweetMe is the best twitter app for Joomla. It makes it easy to share catchy quotes and phrases in your Joomla blog on Twitter, taking a block of text each time for sharing. There are many customisation options, making your blog easily shared.

What is TweetMe?

TweetMe is a Joomla extension for Twitter sharing by Greek Joomla Developer, Tassos Marinos. His homepage is:

The idea is simple. All you have to do is select a block of text you want people to tweet, then add the {tweetme} tags to encapsulate it. Any visitor to your blog will be able to instantly share the selected text on Twitter seamlessly.

There are many customisation options and you are able to add hashtags and Twitter handles to the selected text blocks that will append to every Twitter post your visitors wish to share. This is the best Twitter app for Joomla.

Why do you need TweetMe?

People are busy. Not everyone has the time to share blog posts, eve good ones. Moreover, not everyone has Buffer, HootSuite, Sendible or similar social media management software. Furthermore, even if they do, they may still be lazy to share your blog post. TweetMe helps you get the shares you deserve.

TweetMe takes the hassle out of sharing on Twitter. It helps you transform important statements into tweet-ready messages. Best of all, each TweetMe can be shared on Twitter with a single click.

People love tweeting things that make them look smarter. Don't you? If you want people to share your posts, make it super easy for them! After all, people love tweeting quotes instead of the actual article.

If you have a presence in Twitter and run a Joomla website, this Joomla extension is for you!

Key Features

Here are the features that make TweetMe a powerful Twitter app in your arsenal

Box Mode

Create tweetable stylish boxes which stand-out from your content in a call-to-action fashion

Link Mode

Transform direct quotes from your content into distinguishable inline tweetable links

20+ Fancy Looking Themes

Predefined themes that are clearly stand out from the rest of the copy and catch the eye.

Twitter Settings

Increase exposure by mentioning your twitter @username or custom #hashtags in every tweet automatically!

Link Shortening

Free up space within a tweet by shortening links via or or even TinyURL.

Google Web Fonts

A font's main purpose is to be read. Get your content noticed with beautiful and readable fonts optimized for the web.

Ease of use

Place it anywhere with just a simple shortcode: {tweetme}your text{/tweetme}

Tweeted with a Single Click

Want people to share your posts? Make it super easy for them. TweetMe is designed to be tweeted with a single click.

A Clear Call-To-Action

"Call-to-Actions" are crucial in online marketing. That is why next to each tweetable quote you see a short call-to-action.


Get your visitors tweet your content from any screen is viewed on. It will always fit perfectly and look great.

Cross-Browser Support

Full support for all the latest versions of each major desktop and mobile browser vendor.

Lightning Fast

Built with performance in mind. Even link shortening service is taking part in the background. It will never slow down your site.

How to install

TweetMe is a Joomla extension. Installation is easy, it is just the typical installation process, i.e. uploading a package through your Joomla back end:

Tweetme installation

There are other steps before TweetMe will be fully functional, however they are very easy. You basically need to copy and paste your Download ID. We will not show this to you because this is a review, not documentation.

TweetMe Syntax

TweetMe is a plugin for Joomla. At the back end, you will be able to see the syntax for TweetMe to get your tweets up and running. See below:

Tweetme Syntax

There are basic and advanced options in this Twitter app. This makes customisation and deployment very easy.

Customising TweetMe

Here you can see customisation options for TweetMe. In this case, it is the box layout:

Tweetme Box layout

We will demonstrate and actual TweetMe call-to-action using a box layout below:

{tweetme}Instantly share your blog posts on #twitter seamlessly, using the best #joomla Twitter extension, TweetMe. Get it today!{/tweetme}

As you can see above, this is how it looks like.Below, you can see that automatic link shortening is also available:

Tweetme Link Shortening

To make you have more options and power, you are able to make a Custom HTML Module for TweetMe. Tassos, the web developer has thought through TweetMe out very clearly and detailed. This is a Twitter app on steroids. See below:

Tweetme custom HTLM module

If you study the Syntax Documentation carefully, you will find that there are a plethora of customisation options for each block of Tweet you wish to share. You are not limited to one option for every Tweet you want your visitors to share. The Pro version is needed to gain access to advanced syntax usage, and we have a screenshot below to show you some of these options:

Tweetme Syntax

Now we will demonstrate to you the raw power of this Twitter App, using the provided syntax. {tweetme mode=link|theme=bg_yellow}TweetMe is the most powerful #twitter #joomla extension, check it out!{/tweetme}

Do you see how powerful this tool is? This is a top notch, detailed and flexible Joomla extension. For anyone who uses Twitter for social media marketing, this is the best tool to gain exposure if you are running a Joomla website.

You can even edit Global Settings which apply to all your tweets. Have a look below:

Tweetme Twitter presets


CLASS Digital Marketing is very active on Twitter, our Twitter handle is @CLASSDIGITALAU. Twitter is a major source of traffic and branding for us. Tassos Marinos, the web developer behind TweetMe, is very experienced and has delivered a top notch software through this Joomla Twitter app. It is very well thought out, mature extension. We love using TweetMe, and you can purchase it from Tassos himself, his website again is:


  • Nice, beautiful layouts & call-to-action
  • Extremely customisable
  • Affordable (Developer Plan goes for 59€)
  • Easy to use


  • None
Ease of Use
Features Available
Value for Money

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