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The Amazing Work Environment at U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve stands as one of the top distributors of precious metals in the United States, and continually draws attention for its gold coin offerings. Most news regarding the company focuses on inventory and achievements, which overshadows information about actually working for the company. Job seekers generally prefer working for a business that presents an affirmative environment, and recent insight into USMR’s employment policies cast the company in a positive light.


One perk that stands out is the on-site fitness center. Company wellness initiatives help employees in many ways. The company even provides fresh fruit to employees every morning. The company's kitchen serves a host of other snacks and drinks in the morning at no cost. Never dismiss the money-saving potential of food freebies. Over the course of a year, money not spent adds up. Hopefully, it will add up in a savings account. Additional financial perks include a non-matching 401(k) plan and a generous life insurance policy.

Regarding the goal of caring for one's health and saving money, prospective employees are sure to look at a company's health benefits package. Medical expenses can quickly drain funds when a person lacks insurance or carries a substandard policy. The health benefits package from USMR is impressive. The available plans cover medical, dental, and vision, and the company even pays 75 percent of premiums.

USMR tries to present a favorable environment for employees. The business-casual dress code reflects the company's attitudes. Employees aren't required to spend money on and maintain costly business apparel. Plus, working in casual attire adds to the comfort level of employees, which leads to more productivity.

To further help employees enjoy their experience with USMR, the company promotes a host of activities. Paid time off for community events allows workers to invest time in charitable causes. Best of all, they can do so while still collecting their salary. Various team-building events further boost morale and allow for colleague bonding. All of these policies effectively support a relaxed work environment.

The actual workday at U.S. Money Reserve is quite fast-paced, as the precious metals market changes based on unpredictable factors. An increase in the global demand for gold might lead to higher activity in the office. Sales and customer service departments may become overwhelmed. However, USMR's management runs a proverbial smooth ship, which makes hectic days controllable.

Executives at USMR won't ignore an employee who rises to the level of a top performer. Special incentives help top sales professionals reach their highest potential. Paid company trips represent one reward to sales members who exceed expectations.

Professionals interested in working at U.S. Money Reserve must be ready to make a positive and lasting impression at an interview. Take the right preparation steps to research the company, which will increase your chances of getting to work in such an inspiring environment.

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