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The Amazing Work Environment at U.S. Money Reserve


U.S. Money Reserve stands as one of the top distributors of precious metals in the United States, and continually draws attention for its gold coin offerings. Most news regarding the company focuses on inventory and achievements, which overshadows information about actually working for the company. Job seekers generally prefer working for a business that presents an affirmative environment, and recent insight into USMR’s employment policies cast the company in a positive light.


Graeme Holm's Solution to Getting Out of Debt 

Graeme Holm, who is one of MPA Top 100 Brokers, together with Infinity Group Australia, offer important tips, support, and guidance to families in Australia regarding their finances. They carry out expert coaching which enhances the financial goals of Australian families. One of the practices that the firm speaks against is debt consolidation which is a temptation for many families in Australia. Infinity Group and Holm have given various alternatives to debt consolidation in addition to discouraging it.

Debt Free

Twitter App for Joomla, Simplify Tweeting with TweetMe: REVIEW

Summary: TweetMe is the best twitter app for Joomla. It makes it easy to share catchy quotes and phrases in your Joomla blog on Twitter, taking a block of text each time for sharing. There are many customisation options, making your blog easily shared. 

Twitter App

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Clarence Ling is the founder and business owner of CLASS Digital Marketing. He is a self trained Joomla Front End Web Designer and a Digital Marketer, constantly procuring the latest martech (marketing tech) and incorporating current developments in marketing. Based in Perth, Western Australia, he is also a real estate agent in Malaysia, selling Australian property overseas, attached to the largest and best East Malaysian real estate agency, Kozin Real Estate Sdn Bhd. Clarence regularly commutes between Australia, Malaysia and sometimes other parts of Asia in his line of work. 

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