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Summary: The website of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA) has been designed and deployed by CLASS. We are proud to assist this non for profit with a simple but functional website design. We design, run and maintain this website for WALTA on a pro bono basis

*NOTICE* There have been changes to this website since first publishing this post. Visit http://www.walta.com.au to see the current look.

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Fresh out the oven, a brand new website!

Having been commissioned to create the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA) Inc website, this is an early final draft after two days of short bursts of work. Many features lie dormant until there is more content on the website, but it is shaping out very nicely.

Here is the homepage:


A drop down menu for their publication, The Western Australian Jurist:

A little to the bottom of the homepage...

And here is the logo of WALTA on the homepage:

Here is some mobile views:

And another:

Click on any of these images to explore the WALTA website and see how it looks up front, or click here